Movie Diary 12/2/2018

Burning (Lee Chang-dong, 2018). An interesting movie to watch if you don’t know the slightest thing about its story. Which I didn’t. A man meets a woman who may or may not be from his past (indeed, she may or may not be the woman she claims to be); she gets him to pet-sit a cat who might or might not exist. It goes on from there, with a vague feeling of Antonioni hovering about, but with a distinctly South Korean sensibility in place.

RBG (Julie Cohen, Betsy West, 2018). Documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a modern hero and someone it turns out I didn’t know much about. A solid treatment, without too much sweetening involved.

The Exiles (Kent Mackenzie, 1961). I said ten years ago about this landmark film: “The recent restoration of the remarkable feature about displaced Indians navigating a long night in Los Angeles – the city captured in as vivid a way as such contemporary movie cityscapes as Sweet Smell of Success and Breathless. The faces and voices of the non-actors are completely of their time but timeless, too.”

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World (Catherine Bainbridge, 2017). Catching up to this documentary about how Native Americans have influenced the world of popular music. It’s an enormously enjoyable survey, only occasionally stretching to make its case. A good chance to get tons of anecdotes on the record, no pun intended, including a gem about Jesse Ed Davis’s guitar solo on Jackson Browne’s Doctor My Eyes.