Movie Diary 3/12/2019

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (Alexandra Dean, 2017). Catching up with this documentary, which mostly exists to bolster the claim that Lamarr spent her life underappreciated for her inventions, specifically a WWII-era anti-torpedo patent that was later used in all kinds of things. Fine on that score, although a little more about the actress’s movie career would have been welcome.

An Actor’s Revenge (Kon Ichikawa, 1963). First time seeing this since going over the L. Donald Bartholomew’s place with my pal Jim Emerson and watching a 16 mm. print. It still looks good. I’m not sure I understood during that first viewing how consistently funny the movie is, even in the midst of its melodrama; you can’t miss the sheer flexing of widescreen style, anyway, which remains flashy.