Dumbo Aftermath (This Week’s Movies)


Dumbo (Walt Disney Pictures)

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald, and etc.

Dumbo. “As with Burton’s puzzling run of recent films, the actual business of telling a story seems not terribly important to him.”

The Aftermath. “The film fails to psychologically prepare us for Rachael and Stefan abruptly unbuckling their costumes and getting busy on the nearest horizontal surface, but the casting makes it inevitable.”

For the Scarecrow Video blog, I contribute a Seasoned Ticket piece that surveys a batch of Seattle arthouse happenings: War and Peace, the Icelandic film Woman at War, a local run of the acclaimed A Bread Factory, a revival of Christopher Munch’s The Hours and Times, and a new one from Joel Potrykus, Relaxer. Read that here.