Movie Diary 4/1/2019

Transit (Christian Petzold, 2018). From the director of Phoenix and Barbara, a film that has a somewhat tricksy but nonetheless compelling premise. Hard to think of anything else exactly like it, in fact.

Key Largo (John Huston, 1948). No reason, really, just the realization that I hadn’t watched this one in many years. Main revelation: cinematographer Karl Freund really made the most of the opportunity, considering the stagebound nature of the piece. Bogart and Bacall don’t get to do a lot together, but Edward G. Robinson is around to keep the energy level up.

A Serious Man (Joel and Ethan Coen, 2009). A Coen oddity, one of their recent run of films that frequently seem silly but resonate with something grave. Of course, this could be “mere surmise, sir.”