Movie Diary 4/22/2019

Stockholm (Robert Budreau, 2018). The 70s bank robbery that spawned the Stockholm Syndrome, broadly fictionalized. At the very least, the movie offers good stuff from Ethan Hawke and Noomi Rapace, while aiming for a loopy American Hustle vibe. (full review 4/25)

Internes Can’t Take Money (Alfred Santell, 1937). Odd item with Joel McCrea as idealistic Dr. Kildare (the character’s first screen appearance), mixed up with an underworld godfather (Lloyd Nolan) and a hardluck dame (Barbara Stanwyck) searching for her child. Melodrama and charm go together nicely in an old-school way. Wonderful evocation of Stanwyck’s tiny working-class apartment, where McCrea stops by with hot dogs and beer. McCrea is graceful as usual, Babs is teriff.

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