Movie Diary 4/28/2019

Hiroshima Mon Amour (Alain Resnais, 1959). Seeing a serious film that really reaches for big things has become rare, so a re-visit to this classic is a reminder of how scintillating that experience can be. The movie is like a modernist version of Brief Encounter, but one where the elegant flashback structure of the Lean film is smashed to bits by postwar anxiety (there’s even a scene at a station – a bus station, in this case – with the passionate lovers absurdly separated by a random third party).

All I Desire (Douglas Sirk, 1953). Strong Stanwyck (but why do I repeat myself?) in a well-managed melodrama (circa 1910) about a wife and mother who returns to the family home in Dullsville, Wisconsin, after abandoning the family for the stage a decade earlier. Sirk knew how to put things in a frame, that’s for sure.

Body Heat (Lawrence Kasdan, 1981). Reminding myself of what my Halloween ’81 costume was like – thanks for the inspiration, Bill Hurt. A silly and fun movie.


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