Movie Diary 5/28/2019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Michael Dougherty, 2019). The monsters make interesting sounds in this throwdown – more so than the humans, anyway, who slog through some painfully routine dialogue. A handful of delirious shots of monsters glowing with radioactivity notwithstanding, there isn’t much to grab by the neck here. (full review 5/30)

Touch Me Not (Adina Pintilie, 2018). A Romanian director (working in English) finds a remarkable language of physical intimacy with this frequently uncomfortable but almost certainly unforgettable exercise. Ostensibly about a woman (Lucy Benson) who struggles with being touched, the film also introduces us to a group of remarkable non-actors who are allowed to be themselves in variously funny and moving ways. (screened at the Seattle International Film Festival)