Movie Diary 6/3/2019

The Captain (Robert Schwentke, 2017). Wanted to catch up with this one, about a German deserter in the waning days of WWII who sees his chance to impersonate an officer, and maybe survive. Some of it is compelling, some of it is overdone, but one very successful element is the way various supporting characters see right through the guy’s evil masquerade, and decide to sociopathically go along with it anyway because it might serve their needs. Yeah, that seems timely.

Top Hat (Mark Sandrich, 1935). The Edward Everett Horton/Eric Blore game is strong in this one, needless to say. So is the RKO art department. And everything else.

The Witch (Robert Eggers, 2015). It’s not like me to miss a slice of folk-horror, so this was overdue. And consdering the fact that it’s in my wheelhouse, I was just a tad underwhelmed, although the movie is made with skill and the children are exceptionally well cast. The goats, too.


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