Movie Diary 6/16/2019

On the Waterfront (Elia Kazan, 1954). It plays very much of its time, and in fact it must have been something to see in ’54. The drama is never less than high, and Kazan’s moves are shrewd and calculated – not a put-down, just a description. Brando comes up with a series of piercing moments, a kind of desperation that fits his character.

A Report on the Party and Guests (Jan Nemec, 1966). From the Czech New Wave, an ultra-weird allegory about a group of folks in the countryside who are confronted by authoritarian figures – or at least a group of people bossing them around. How easily compliant the guests are, how eager to obey. The film has one of the most annoying creatures (I mean this as a compliment) in all of cinema in form of the smug, childish tormentor played by Jan Klusák, generally a composer. Also, has anybody connected this movie with the “folk horror” craze? Because it fits in pretty well.