Movie Diary 6/17/2019

Peter Ibbetson (Henry Hathaway, 1935). A strange film, very self-consciously poetic and romantic, with Gary Cooper and Ann Harding as childhood neighbors who meet, passionately, later in life. Charles Lang executes the gorgeous photography.

Experiment Perilous (Jacques Tourneur, 1944). Tourneur’s skills make one want to give this the benefit of the doubt, but it is an extremely bizarre enterprise. Stolid George Brent meets a giddy old bat (Olive Blakeney) on a train in 1903, which leads (except it doesn’t, actually) him to knowing her brother (creeped-up Paul Lukas) and his younger wife (Hedy Lamarr, as though concussed). Vaguely gothic doings happen, with much connective tissue seemingly missing. Pretty thoroughly baffling throughout.


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