Movie Diary 7/14/2019

Crawl (Alexandre Aja, 2019). Not much to admire, although Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper commit to the material, sometimes absurdly. Can only imagine that sympathetic critics are spotting a big fat Metaphor and running with it (the father and daughter’s broken home is literally filled with gators and hurricane gunk – the stuff of family trauma made literal, see). There is a disconcerting scene in a bathroom filling with stormwater. Reviewed here.

Columbus (Kogonada, 2017). Missed this the first time around. Good film, smart, thoughtful, possibly a little too all-in-line; there’s a preciousness that licks around the corners. For all the handsome formal compositions (mostly drawn against the modernist architecture of Columbus, Indiana), there’s an impressive precision about the dialogue, too, and of people aware of what their talk sounds like (“Your mother? Has she done meth?”). Interesting to see a portrayal of two strangers who like each other, yet say things that draw blood, a rare kind of bracing honesty.

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