Movie Diary 7/29/2019

Psych-Out (Richard Rush, 1968). Susan Strasberg comes to the Haight in search of her missing brother, who has dropped out and become a bearded weirdie calling himself “The Seeker.” Ladies and gentlemen, Bruce Dern. But he’s in it only briefly; Strasberg’s main dude is Jack Nicholson, as Stoney, a gregarious free-love guy who shares a house with a ragtag collection of hippies, among them Adam Rourke and Max Julien. Lots of footage on the streets of San Francisco, and lots of vintage Sixties cinematographic gestures (Laszlo Kovacs shot it). Dean Stockwell is in the zone as a blissed-out meditative type who constantly calls out Stoney for his “games.” The Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Seeds appear. It is, in short, a must-see.

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