Frozen Honey Day (This Week’s Movies)


Tom Hanks: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Sony Pictures)

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald, and etc.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. “What really puts it over is Hanks, doing a wonderful balancing act. He’s willing to let Mr. Rogers be somewhat enigmatic, and yet his performance suggests that doing good is a choice, and an effort.”

Frozen II. “A smartly-turned piece of family entertainment. It is also redundant, somehow even more than most sequels.”

Honey Boy. “Ha’rel creates a woozy, sunbaked style for the material. She has a talent for finding the rhythm of intense exchanges between characters—and there are quite a few of those here.”

Not posting for What a Feeling! or Scarecrow Video this week, because I am in Germany as a FIPRESCI jury member at the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival. I will post brief diary entries on the films I’ve seen after we give our award on Saturday. Prost!

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