Skywalker Bombshell Cats (This Week’s Movies)


Judi Dench: Cats (Universal)

Links to my reviews published in the Herald, and etc.

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. “I don’t go into a Star Wars movie with the fear that my childhood will be ruined if the moviemakers give Boba Fett the wrong color headpiece, so for me The Rise of Skywalker (dumb title, by the way) played just fine as a sci-fi spectacle.”

Cats. “Cats is not good. But the blame goes to the clumsy style of director Tom Hooper, not people wearing digital fur.”

Bombshell. “The movie sets up a weird dynamic: While we absolutely root for the Fox women in their legal action, we can’t quite forget that they’ve made a fortune by serving up Ailes’ incendiary views for years. ”

More 80s reviews at What a Feeling! this week, including vintage takes on Euzan Palcy’s A Dry White Season, Nicholas Meyer’s The Deceivers, Emile Ardolino’s Chances Are, Taylor Hackford’s Against All Odds, and Zane Buzby’s Last Resort.

With Terrence Malick’s new film A Hidden Life opening, I take the chance to look back at my mixed feelings about Malick’s The New World, via a Seasoned Ticket post for the Scarecrow Video blog.