Movie Diary 3/1/2020

Lolita (Stanley Kubrick, 1962). Still a distinctive movie. Sue Lyon and Shelley Winters are terrific, and watching Peter Sellers is like looking through a window at a particular moment in comedic history (and a window on a particular genius). You can see how Kubrick’s appreciation for a certain kind of drawn-out dialogue scene – something that travels all the way to Eyes Wide Shut – really mushrooms here.

The Captive Heart (Basil Deardon, 1946). Michael Redgrave as a Czech escapee pretending to be a British officer in a German POW camp. He starts getting letters from the officer’s wife (played by Rachel Kempson, Redgrave’s wife), and must reply or look suspicious to his captors. A good set-up. A very British WWII picture – fine cast, stiff-upper-lip sentiment. Some scenes are shot on location at a former camp, which lends an eerie quality, a hard-to-fake vastness, to the backdrop.