Movie Diary 3/10/2020

Bacurau (Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles, 2019). Not what I was expecting from KMF, the director of my #1 movie of 2016, Aquarius. But oh yeah, it’s crazy in all the good ways. Not entirely sure I get all the layers, and yet everything makes a kind of sense, and putting Udo Kier and Sonia Braga in a scene together is a bullseye of icon-appreciation. Has anybody told John Carpenter about this?

Movie Diary 3/9/2020

Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel and Ethan Coen, 2013). The cat watching the subway stations flash by while riding downtown to Greenwich Village – whimsical Coen touch or practical method for explaining how Ulysses eventually finds his way back uptown? Either answer works in this “incredible journey.”

Chernobyl (Johan Renck, 2019). Yes, I watched an actual miniseries. The true story is amazing, the cast is interesting to watch, the physical production is impressive and haunting. Is it heresy, in this golden age of peak television, to suggest that the show is still “just TV”?