Movie Diary 3/17/2020

Booksmart (Olivia Wilde, 2019). A re-visit. Funny movie with good people in it.

Columbo: Playback (Bernard L. Kowalski, 1975). The one with Oskar Werner as a surveillance-gadget nut and Gena Rowlands as his wife. A good episode. Columbo actually fires a police revolver (for a test) after saying, “I hate guns.” Werner generates some nice imperiousness, especially in the way his character claps his hands to open doors – this sets up a splendid final moment that occurs virtually offscreen. Martha Scott is the victim (a bossy mother-in-law), Robert Brown (indelible as the elder brother in Here Come the Brides) marks time as Rowlands’ brother, and Trisha Noble might be Werner’s mistress (a hinted-at subplot that does not go beyond hints).