The Friday (3/20/20)

With no movies to write about, I’m not sure what to call the Friday posts now. Maybe just “The Friday.”

I’d have no more movie reviews for The Herald anyway, but with the COVID 19 pandemic closing movie theaters, I’m not even posting things to the Scarecrow blog.

However, this week we can at least note that my 80s website, What a Feeling!, continues its journey through that decade of films. This week features vintage reviews of: Richard Tuggle’s (but surely Clint Eastwood’s) kinky cop picture Tightrope; Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker’s zany Top Secret!; Brian Gilbert’s personality-switch comedy Vice Versa; Taylor Hackford’s dance-movie-Cold-War-thriller White Nights; and William Asher’s Hollywood comedy (written by and starring Charles Grodin) Movers and Shakers.



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