Movie Diary 3/30/2020

Endless Night (Sidney Gilliat, 1972). An Agatha Christie story that feels very Patricia Highsmith. Hywel Bennett plays a blue-collar hired driver, left out of Swinging London but with a keen aesthetic sense, who meets the fabulously rich Hayley Mills and manages to build the mod house of his dreams in the Welsh countryside. It’s not great, and Mills is stuck doing an American accent, but there’s something authentically unpleasant about the story, and the guessing-game part of it is reasonably fun. Co-stars include Britt Ekland, an eccentric Per Oscarsson as the (I assume supposed to be gay) architect who designs the partly automated house, and a curiously animated George Sanders (his penultimate film). Bernard Herrmann did the music, rehashing some favorite modes and throwing in a Moog for good measure.