The Friday (5/15/2020)


Spaceship Earth (courtesy of NEON)

My review this week for the Scarecrow blog, and etc.

Spaceship Earth. “Wolf is fortunate that the Allen folks were documenting their own existence from the beginning; there’s a huge amount of colorful footage of their escapades even before the media turned its hungry attention to Biosphere 2.”

More of my 1980s reviews added this week at What a Feeling!, including: Bill Forsyth’s gentle comedy Breaking In, with a “one for myself” role for Burt Reynolds; Robert Dornhelm’s Cold Feet, written by Tom McGuane and Jim Harrison, with a honey of a role for Tom Waits; Allan Arkush’s Caddyshack II, with the resurgent Jackie Mason (what, you don’t recall when Jackie Mason surged again?); Gordon Hessler’s The Girl in a Swing, a sultry thriller with Meg Tilly (from a novel by Watership Down author Richard Adams); and Robert Zemeckis’s Back to the Future, of which you may have heard.


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