Movie Diary 5/17/2020

I’m on a jury for (but not at) the Brooklyn Film Festival, so I’m keeping my opinions close to the vest while I watch. Thus, a list:

Our Own (Jeanne Leblanc, 2019). Canada: A suburban community reacts in different ways to a 13-year-old girl’s problems, raising issues that go beyond the obvious.

Milkwater (Morgan Ingari, 2020). USA: A directionless woman offers herself as a pregnancy surrogate to an older gay man who’d almost given up his hope of becoming a father. Set in Brooklyn.

Right Near the Beach (Gibrey Allen, 2019). Jamaica: When a track star is beaten to death, rumors of the homophobic nature of the crime begin to surface, bringing different kinds of outrage to his traditional father and his visiting-from-the-USA brother.

Snaeland (Lisa Raven, 2019). Iceland/Germany: A German journalist goes to small-town Iceland for a nothing story, but becomes convinced that a notorious tabloid figure is living there under a new name. The story also includes bees.

The Erotic Fire of the Unobtainable (Frank Vitale, 2019). USA: New Yorkers of a certain age try to sort out their romantic geometries, filtered through the perceptions of writer Gay Walley, who plays (apparently) more or less herself. The director made Montreal Main in 1974.


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