Movie Diary 5/18/2020

I’m on a jury for (but not at) the Brooklyn Film Festival, so I’m keeping my opinions close to the vest while I watch. Thus, a list:

The Journey of Murder (Wang Jun, 2019). China: A three-time loser agrees to transport a developmentally-disabled young woman to have her sacrificed for the sake of a “ghost marriage,” a bizarre tradition. If it sounds like something gritty on the subject of human trafficking, the film itself goes in a very different tonal direction.

Snatchers (John Kingman, 2020). USA: Brooklyn variation on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, crammed with rat-a-tat dialogue and food trucks. Sort of a sci-fi Portlandia feeling.

Zoro’s Solo (Martin Busker, 2019). An adolescent Afghani refugee (Mert Dincer) joins a German school choir under the skeptical eye of his strict teacher (Andrea Sawatzki). Another one that isn’t tonally what the plot description sounds like.

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