Movie Diary 6/23/2020

Irresistible (Jon Stewart, 2020). Big-time Democratic strategist (Steve Carell) goes to small-town Wisconsin to meddle in a mayoral race he thinks might have national implications. Stewart gives you just about what you’d expect here; you kind wish he might go a little more off-brand, as it were. Chris Cooper and Mackenzie Davis add value as father and daughter swept into the circus. (full review 6/26)

Too Funny to Fail (Josh Greenbaum, 2017). Documentary about Dana Carvey’s very short-lived variety show in 1996, a famously offensive debacle that horrified ABC, which put it on after Home Improvement. (You might recall the very first sketch: Carvey’s Bill Clinton genetically altered to begin lactating, suckled by babies and dogs.) The staff on the show included Steven Colbert, Steve Carell, SNL stalwart Robert Smigel, Louis C.K. (I still have no idea why everybody thinks this guy is a comic genius), and, somehow, Charlie Kaufman, who is not interviewed for the movie. The documentary has some very entertaining showbiz stuff, and will fill you in a little on whatever became of Carvey – whose briefly-heard Trump imitation is, not surprisingly, aces.