The Friday (6/26/2020)


Steve Carell: Irresistible (Focus Features)

My review this week for the Scarecrow blog, and etc.

Irresistible. “The political landscape has tilted, and the world calls for a different kind of satire—as though anything could keep up with reality, of course.”

The Seattle-film-oriented blog Parallax View today launches an ambitious project to look back at the films of the year 2000. It’s called 2000 Eyes, and will revive pieces from that year written by a group of Seattle film writers. We kick off today with my takes on Traffic and (but of course) Vertical Limit, Sean Axmaker on In the Mood for Love, and Richard T. Jameson on O Brother, Where Art Thou? Check that out here, and scroll down to read RTJ’s introduction to the project.

More 1980s reviews at What a Feeling!, my Eighties website. This week we’ve got vintage reviews of David Nutter’s Cease Fire, a forgotten film about a Vietnam vet (Don Johnson) returning to society; Blake Edwards’ Blind Date, which gave Bruce Willis his first movie leading-man role; Wes Craven’s The Serpent and the Rainbow, with zombies and Bill Pullman; the late Joel Schumacher’s Cousins, a remake of Cousin, Cousine; and Louis Malle’s Crackers, a tepid caper picture notable for an eccentric Sean Penn performance.