The Friday (7/3/2020)


Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche: The Truth (IFC Films)

My review this week for the Scarecrow blog, and etc.

The Truth (La Vérité). “Among its other pleasures, the way Kore-eda keeps the film seamlessly moving between family drama and on-set revelations is so easy and fluid you won’t have a chance to consider how complicated all the pieces are.”

The 2000 Eyes project continues at the Parallax View website, a quickly-ballooning collection of pieces on films from the year 2000. I’ll link my own week’s contributions here, but there are many goodies on hand. From moi: Curtis Hanson’s Wonder Boys, a still-underrated dramedy with a great cast led by Michael Douglas; Kenneth Lonergan’s You Can Count on Me, a classic with a career turn from Laura Linney; and Battlefield Earth, the woebegotten Travolta-Hubbard sci-fi opus.

This week at What a Feeling! we spotlighted Australian films from the 1980s. To wit: Simon Wincer’s horsey biopic Phar Lap; Wincer’s big-scale The Lighthorsemen, with a footnote about the tragic fate of leading man (and “next Mel Gibson”) Jon Blake; Bruce Beresford’s The Fringe Dwellers, an early attempt at putting Aboriginal life at the center of a film; Rolf de Heer’s sci-fi opus Encounter at Raven’s Gate; and – of course – Peter Faiman’s Crocodile Dundee, the blockbuster that made an international star of Paul Hogan.