Movie Diary 7/14/2020

The Man with My Face (Edward Montagne, 1951). 79 minutes of noirish weirdness, filmed in Puerto Rico. Barry Nelson is a square who comes home from work one day to find that he’s been replaced by a perfect double, and nobody – not his wife, his business partner, or his dog – believes him. The set-up is actually kind of fun, even if the execution (employing lots of vintage San Juan locations) is mostly fumbled. The actress who plays Nelson’s wife, Lynn Ainley, is a true noir hard case; luckily there’s a “good girl” around, played by Carole Mathews. Jack Warden is in support, his first credited appearance in a film. The bad guys use a trained Doberman to do very bad things, a creepy touch. Evocative use of the old fort for the chase at the end.

Greyhound (Aaron Schneider, 2020). Tom Hanks adapts a novel by C. S. Forester, a WWII story about a convoy trying to elude U-Boats while crossing the North Atlantic. The movie is, in most ways, exactly what the description suggests, but there are things to say. (full review 7/17)