The Friday (7/17/2020)


Tom Hanks: Greyhound (Sony)

My review this week for the Scarecrow blog, and etc.

Greyhound. “Close to being an avant-garde experience, with an abstract field of action and an invented, inscrutable language.”

The 2000 Eyes Project at the Parallax View website continues; it’s a survey of movies from the year 2000, as seen by a group of Seattle critics. New posts are popping up every week, so give a look – my contributions this week are: a review of McG’s Charlie’s Angels, in which I suggest that the film’s co-auteur is Drew Barrymore; and something on Robert Zemeckis’s Cast Away, the Tom Hanks tour de force.

At my website What a Feeling!, we roll out more 1980s reviews – and folks, we got some echt-80s stuff this week. Including: Michael Ritchie’s Wildcats, a Goldie Hawn vehicle from her prime as an actor-producer; Paul Morrissey’s Spike of Bensonhurst, a very engaging indie from the former Warhol collaborator; Gregory Nava’s El Norte, a key film for Hispanic cinema (and the rising indie movement); Jim Abrahams’ Big Business, a typical Touchstone release with Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin in dual roles; and Matthew Robbins’ *batteries not included, a tepid offering from the Spielberg factory.