The Friday (8/28/2020)

Rian Gordon, Viraj Juneja, Lewis Gribben, Samuel Bottomley: Get Duked! (Brian Sweeney/Amazon Studios)

My review for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Get Duked! “A little like an Ealing film colliding with a gonzo Ben Wheatley picture.”

This week I wrote an obituary for the Seattle Times about Darryl Macdonald, the co-founder of the Seattle International Film Festival (and later executive director of the Palm Springs film fest). A memorable character in the Seattle movie universe, Darryl was 70 – an age he would not have admitted.

Tomorrow, Saturday August 29, we’ll resume our semester of Scarecrow Academy, via Zoom. Our subject is “The Art in Horror: Horror and the Director,” and we pick up with a discussion of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Please watch the movie beforehand! We’ll convene at 2 p.m. Pacific Time; information about registration here.

At Parallax View, we continue to re-visit reviews from 20 years ago, in the 2000 Eyes Project. My pieces this week are on Antoine Fuqua’s Bait, an unlikely thriller with Jami Foxx, and Robert Redford’s dewy The Legend of Bagger Vance, with Will Smith and Matt Damon.

More reviews at my other blog, What a Feeling!, direct from the 1980s to you. Behold: Martha Coolidge’s Joy of Sex, a misfired National Lampoon production; Penny Marshall’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the first “vehicle” for Whoopi Goldberg; Howard Zieff’s The Dream Team, led by Michael Keaton; Bill D’Elia’s The Feud, a small-town comedy with Stanley Tucci; and Sam Shepard’s Far North, another small-town comedy, with Jessica Lange.

Also, I published a novel this week: Hateful Deeds, a political black comedy. Download it for free this weekend to your Kindle.

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