The Friday (8/4/2020)

Yifei Liu, Mulan (Jasin Boland, Disney Enterprises Inc.)

My review for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Mulan. “The best I can think of for an explanation about the overall slogginess here is that the concept of Mulan really, really needs songs and talking animals.”

Join us tomorrow, Saturday Sep. 5, at 2 p.m., for a session in “The Art in Horror: Horror and the Director,” our ongoing semester in Scarecrow Academy. We’ll be discussing Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman Polanski. The meeting is free, via Zoom, and you can register here (and also watch me intro the film, if that’s your idea of fun).

Consider reading my novel Hateful Deeds, a political black, black comedy published on Kindle.

Parallax View rolls out more reviews from the year 2000; my contribution this week is something on Robert Altman’s Dr. T and the Women, a curious ensemble piece led by Richard Gere.

And here’s a handful of 1980s reviews at my other website, What a Feeling!: Jerry Schatzberg’s Misunderstood, a tepid drama with Gene Hackman and Henry Thomas; Armyan Bernstein’s Cross My Heart, a romcom pairing Martin Short and Annette O’Toole; Sandy Wilson’s My American Cousin, a Canadian coming-of-age picture that made a nice impression on the indie scene; a twofer review of Barnett Kellman’s Key Exchange, a pleasant Woody Allen knockoff with Brooke Adams, and Karoly Makk’s Lily in Love, with Christopher Plummer and Maggie Smith; and James L. Brooks’s Broadcast News, a classic.

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