The Friday (10/2/2020)

Herb Alpert Is… (Abramorama)

My review for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Herb Alpert Is…/Oliver Sacks: His Own Life. “Familiar territory, but compelling nonetheless.”

If you’re attending the 2020 Port Townsend Film Festival (all virtual this year), and you should be, I’ve got a couple of “appearances” in place of my usual in-person participation in the fest. You can watch two strong films, And Then We Danced and The Perfect Candidate, and then see me and festival director Janette Force in conversation about the movies – via Zoom, as befits 2020.

Reminder from last week: I read a little tiny excerpt from my novel Hateful Deeds on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy. My bit comes toward the end of the episode.

At What a Feeling!, I continue to revive pieces from the 1980s. This week, reviews of: Andrei Konchalovsky’s Maria’s Lovers, a Nastassja Kinski period piece; Herbert Ross’s Steel Magnolias, the all-star hit with a female-forward ensemble; Stephen Frears’ Prick Up Your Ears, with Gary Oldman as Joe Orton; Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride, which probably needs no introduction; and Christopher Morahan’s Clockwise, a Michael Frayn script with a glorious role for John Cleese.

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