Movie Diary 10/7/2020

I’m on the FIPRESCI jury (that’s the international critics’ jury) for the Heartland International Film Festival. We haven’t given our award yet, so I make no critical comments here, but I’ll keep track of the movies I’ve seen.

I Will Make You Mine (Lynn Chen, 2020). Three women in the orbit of an old friend (Goh Nakamura) who used to make music with them. Wrapped in black and white, the movie gives complicated roles to the three: Yea-Ming Chen, Ayako Fujitani, and director Chen.

Molto Bella (Alexander Jeffery, 2020). Two strangers meet in Taormina, under the gaze of Mt. Etna, and talk their way through a week. He writes poetry, she writes songs, they see the sights.

The Outside Story (Casimir Nozkowski, 2020). Brian Tyree Henry gets a comic role as a film editor locked outside his New York apartment for an afternoon.

Sophie Jones (Jessie Barr, 2020). A 16-year-old girl throws herself into sexual experiments after her mother’s death, much to the confusion of those around her. Shot in Portland.

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