The Friday 10/9/2020

Tara Summers, Ujon Tokarski: Major Arcana (Good Deed Entertainment/Kino Marquee)

My review for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Major Arcana. “Not the precious object it might first appear; the film has a goofed-up strain of humor and a great ear for hostile dialogue.”

The Parallax View website continues to revive reviews from the year 2000. Check out the various titles there; my contributions this week are pieces on Nora Ephron’s wonderfully nasty Lucky Numbers, with John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow (it was a flop, needless to say), and Rod Lurie’s B-movie-esque political suspenser, Deterrence, with Kevin Pollak as the president of the United States.

At my 1980s website What a Feeling!, we have another week of vintage reviews: Ken Russell’s Gothic, a very loud mishmash of the great Bryon-Shelley haunted summer; Mike Newell’s Amazing Grace and Chuck, an artifact of the No Nukes era; Ted Kotcheff’s Joshua Then and Now, a Mordecai Richler adaptation starring James Woods; Paul Leduc’s Frida, a Mexican biopic of Ms. Kahlo, featuring a terrific performance by Ofelia Medina; and Paul Aaron’s Maxie, a reincarnation screwball comedy with Glenn Close and Mandy Patinkin.

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