The Friday (10/16/2020)

Luca Marinelli: Martin Eden (Francesca Errichiello, courtesy Kino Lorber)

My review for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Martin Eden. “In the end I wanted to like Martin Eden more than I actually did, but a lot of it is enthralling.”

Tomorrow, Saturday October 17, is Virtual International Independent Video Store Day, and I have a recorded a presentation that will be “screened” as part of Scarecrow Video’s “telethon” during the day. My talk is “60 Years of Psycho: How a Hitchcock Classic Stayed Alive,” which looks at the 1960 film and also its many rip-offs, parodies, sequels, and of course the 1998 Gus Van Sant mastercopy. Check the Scarecrow wire for more info.

At What a Feeling!, I keep rolling out vintage 1980s reviews. This week, they all begin with the letter R: pieces on Richard Benjamin’s Racing with the Moon, a coming-of-age Steve Kloves script starring Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, and Elizabeth McGovern; Bob Hoskins’ The Raggedy Rawney, a curious fairy tale with Dexter Fletcher; Walter Murch’s Return to Oz, Disney’s flopped attempt to capture the old magic; Pasquale Squitieri’s Russicum, an obscure spy picture with Treat Williams and F. Murray Abraham; and Tim Hunter’s River’s Edge, the broody teen movie with Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover.

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