Movie Diary 11/9/2020

Madre (Rodrigo Sorogoyen, 2020). From Spain, a somber story, full of long takes and wide-angle lenses, about a mother haunting the beachside town where her son disappeared a decade earlier. It’s expanded from an Oscar-nominated short, which makes up the opening 15 minutes here – but it’s a curious expansion, because the opening stanza is frantic and breathless, and the remainder slow and mournful. I review it here.

Time (Garrett Bradley, 2020). Documentary about a wife’s struggle to appeal the endless, no-parole sentence given to her husband for an armed robbery. No narrator explains the case; this is an immersive approach – emotionally effective, if raising lots of questions about how it all happened.

John Lewis: Good Trouble (Dawn Porter, 2020). Catching up with a good one from this year: standard-issue doc-making, but a stirring subject.