Movie Diary 2/24/2021

I Want You (Mark Robson, 1951). Odd Goldwyn production, sort of a reverse Best Years of Our Lives but without the resonance, about a family contemplating the draft at the beginning of the Korean War. WWII vet Dana Andrews employs his younger brother Farley Granger in the family business, and could request he not be drafted as an essential worker, but won’t do it. Same goes for another employee and family friend, Martin Milner. Footloose Granger drives a hot rod and romances Peggy Dow (her final film), thus putting him on the shitlist of her father (Ray Collins). Robert Keith and Mildred Dunnock have some nice moments as the parents, and Jim Backus plays it straight as Andrews’ old Army buddy. I like the way Robson uses the diagonal of the bar at the local tavern, and the film begins with a remarkable helicopter shot that presents an American town in full 1951 capacity, a vision of an ancient world. Other messages from that world: the stern anti-Commie lecture from the draft board, and a little kid (in a completely extraneous sequence, plot-wise) showing an immigrant neighbor about how to duck and cover in case of a bomb attack.

Night of the Kings (Philippe Lacote, 2020). Hmm – a film unlike much else. One night in a rough prison in Ivory Coast, a newbie is appointed the “Roman,” a storyteller who must spin a tale all night long. (full review 2/26)

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