Movie Diary 4/25/2021

93rd Academy Awards. It was cooler to look at than usual, and a few things were significantly better than the Oscars of late, including the absence of music beneath speeches to hurry the winners away (please, let’s make this a permanent deal). I particularly cherished the clips, which played out as single scenes, instead of a trailer-like montage. They used to pick a single moment to represent the movie or actor back in the 70s, and it was often something very telling and memorable; the montage, by comparison, is a hurried commercial. And no songs! Yes!

In the Earth (Ben Wheatley, 2021). My review here. A collection of nicely-handled bits and bobs reminiscent of other folk-horror films, and then a pretty annoying descent into gimmickry toward the end.

Barton Fink (Joel Coen, 1991). First re-visit in many years. The Coens’ cleverness sometimes undercuts their mystery, something that they got better at as the years went by. John Goodman’s “Because you DON’T LISTEN!” still strikes me as one of the greatest observations in any Coen film, superbly delivered.