Movie Diary 5/3/2021

Inside Out (Pete Docter, 2015). “Is it all going to be so interactive?” Some good moments in this Pixar outing, and an ingenious approach to visualizing its ideas.

Burnt Offerings (Dan Curtis, 1976). Family moves into a haunted house, wacky manifestations ensue. That period in horror, with strong pre-Shining echoes. The customary Curtis slowness dominates the movie, although casting Oliver Reed insured that some kind of roiling energy would be happening whenever the great man was onscreen (at one point he starts kicking the shit out of a large downed tree, and you figure the tree is probably a goner). Reed and wife Karen Black are like strangers, chemistry-wise. I was speculating that Reed and Bette Davis either got along great or couldn’t stand each other; apparently Davis was not having it. The kid is the boy who played “Steve Spelberg” in a Columbo episode.

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