Movie Diary 5/4/2021

All of Me (Carl Reiner, 1984). A tale of streaming vagaries. It was decided in the Horton household’s Movies for Fun (TM) project that a re-visit to this film would be pleasant. Two free online options, both reputable and widely used, were on offer. The first presented the movie in a stretched-horizontally aspect ratio – not grotesque, mind you, but just enough to make people’s heads look fat. The other went the opposite direction: It showed the film in a full-frame version, which is to say, not properly masked, with huge amounts of headroom at the top and wasted space at the bottom of the frame (space meant to be masked by the projectionist at the movie theater). I used the zoom feature to approximate the right masking, and we watched and enjoyed the movie, but sheesh. This kind of junkiness is not uncommon, of course. And it almost goes without saying that the film itself, in both cases, looked dim and tired, not much better than the average VHS experience circa 1988. What’s sad is that people watching this movie will assume this is the way it’s supposed to look. My 1984 review is here.