The Friday 5/7/2021

Alain Uy: The Paper Tigers (Well Go USA)

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

The Paper Tigers/The Last Shift. “Throw in a non-postcard approach to visualizing Seattle’s Chinatown/International District, and the director’s canny sense of comic timing, and you’ve got a sleeper on your hands.”

I have a new episode of my radio show, “The Music and the Movies,” produced by Voice of Vashon and available through its website. This one is called “In a Beatnik Mood,” and it’s all about how the movies responded to the Beat movement, in ways both sublime and ridiculous. I like this one, so give it a go.

The previous episode, “Not Even Nominated,” listens to the films that weren’t nominated for the Best Score Oscar this year. That one’s here until Sunday.

For my 1980s website What a Feeling!, I collect five more vintage reviews, namely: Ernest (On Golden Pond) Thompson’s 1969, which strands Robert Downey, Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, and Winona Ryder; Orlow Seunke’s Tracks in the Snow, a Dutch film; Yahoo Serious’s Young Einstein, that Australian comedy that briefly ruled the world; Neil Jordan’s High Spirits, a ghost comedy with Peter O’Toole and Steve Guttenberg and Daryl Hannah, allegedly ruined by studio interference; and Joe Johnston’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, with Rick Moranis and teeny-tinies.