Movie Diary 5/19/2021

I’m on a jury at the Brooklyn Film Festival, so continuing to keep track of movies watched, without comment.

Hell Is Empty (Jo Shaffer, 2020). USA. A young woman, a runaway, finds herself take up by a small band of religious cultists on a small island; the patriarch holds sway as they all gradually go crazier.

Kringle Time (Matthew Lucas, 2021). The on-camera death of a longtime kiddie-show host (played by Road Warrior demon Vernon Wells) prompts the show’s director to take the role -a singing and dancing snowman – himself. One thing, though: Snowmen have secrets.

Walk with Me (Isabel del Rosal, 2021). A woman leaves a marriage and starts fresh, which includes an attraction to a realtor/singer-songwriter who lives nearby; it’s set and shot in Brooklyn, a full-fledged co-star.

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