The Friday 5/21/2021

Ida Lupino: Road House

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Shrek 2/Shrek the Third/Shrek Forever After. “Never really warmed up to the franchise in the first place.”

If you will, pull up a barstool and listen to my new episode of “The Music and the Movies,” in which I host an hour called “The Film Noir Lounge,” a collection of songs performed in the piano bars and road houses and nightclubs of film noir. I had fun with this one; it’ll be online until 5/30 or so.

And still a couple of days to hear “Coen Brothers Jukebox,” my curation of songs from the films of those guys. A new episode of “M&M” plays Sunday night at 7.

Three vintage reviews posted this week at my other website, What a Feeling! Here we have ’80s reviews for: Rick King’s Hotshot, a soccer movie with Pele; Diane Keaton’s Heaven, a super-quirky documentary about the afterlife (does anybody even remember this exists?); and David Anspaugh’s Hoosiers, a beloved sport picture about which I had reservations.

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