Movie Diary 5/23/2021

Still watching movies for the Brooklyn Film Festival, so here are the titles last seen, without evaluation:

One Night in Kathmandu (Mohan Rai, 2021). Nepal. A woman (sad) and a man (cheerful) meet when they help an injured stranger on the street; they spend a night walking and talking in Nepal’s capital city.

Under the Lantern Lit Sky (Michelle Bossy, 2021). USA. The marriage of two people in the South in 1927, with some curious hang-ups on each side; it might be an average character study, but the woman (played by screenwriter Jaclyn Bethany) is named Blanche DuBois….

Kalokhachya Parambya (Makarand Anaspure, 2021). India. A young man becomes the apprentice of a master of the Indian tambourine, but complications come to their village when the master’s young wife arrives.

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