The Friday 5/28/2021

Tom Green: Freddy Got Fingered (20th Century Fox)

My piece this week for the Scarecrow blog, and etc.

Freddy Got Fingered/Monkey Bone. “Films that made weirdness their fundamental raison d’etre.”

The new episode of “The Music and the Movies” is a pandemic-related collection of Happy Movie Songs, which I offer as a free mood-enhancer. Check that out here.

You can still hear my episode on the Film Noir Lounge, where I talk about and play various songs from the piano bars and road houses of noir. That’s online for another couple of days.

I’m back for a two-year term on the Speakers Bureau at Humanities Washington, which sends people out to various parts of our state to talk. (At first we’ll be Zooming it.) My talk is called “This Is the End: How Movies Prepared Us for the Apocalypse,” where I explore – from the perspective of mankind’s response to the pandemic – how movies gave us the tools to deal, if only we’d been listening. Check out the description here, and if you live somewhere in Washington and are interested in hosting the talk, get in touch.

At my other website, What a Feeling!, I have three more ’80s reviews this week, of: Marcus Zurinaga’s Tango Bar, with Raul Julia in a docudrama about tango; Glenn Silber and Claudia Vianello’s Troupers, a documentary about the San Francisco Mime Troupe; and John Hughes’ Uncle Buck, a John Candy vehicle that unforgivably wastes its star by sacrificing comedy for corn.

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