Movie Diary 6/2/2021

A Face in the Crowd (Elia Kazan, 1957). An overdue revisit to an uncanny movie – and yes, it has a new skin-crawling quality in our era. It’s an alarmed ’50s variation on a Capra picture, and along with similarities in the subject matter, it also moves along like a Capra film – once the opening sequences are finished, it really zips along. That might be down to Kazan, or Budd Schulberg, but the film was also edited by Gene Milford, who did Lost Horizon and Plantinum Blonde with Capra.

Undine (Christian Petzold, 2020). Reviewing it this week – more than a year after it played at the Berlin Film Festival, where it won Best Actress for Paula Beer, plus the FIPRESCI prize. (full review 6/4)