The Friday 6/11/2021

Two Lottery Tickets
Two Lottery Tickets

My piece this week for the Scarecrow blog, and etc.

Two Lottery Tickets. “The comic ideas must come from the confines of that squared-off screen space—and, indeed, the confines become a huge part of the comedy in at least a few set-ups.”

The new episode of my radio show, “The Music and the Movies,” is called “Goldfinger and Company,” in which I talk about my childhood fascination with the soundtrack LP of a certain James Bond film, and trace its ripple effect through other kinds of movie music. Produced by Voice of Vashon.

The previous episode, on New Nordic Composers, remains online through this weekend.

Three vintage reviews posted at my Eighties blog, What a Feeling!, namely: Joel Zwick’s Second Sight, which paired Bronson Pinchot with John Larroquette; Lee Grant’s Staying Together, a relationship picture with Dermot Mulroney and Sean Astin; and Agnes Varda’s Kung-Fu Master!, a Jane Birkin vehicle that makes no concessions to anybody’s expectations or feelings.