Movie Diary 6/15/2021

Snowpiercer (Bong Joon Ho, 2013). When I reviewed it in 2014 I said, “every inch of this film is delivered with such unapologetic verve that you probably won’t worry over bizarre shifts in tone or continuity issues.” Watching it again while prepping for a talk on end-of-the-world movies, I am still not worrying about these things – even less so. Slightly bummed to watch it on a TV screen – and it makes me wonder whether train movies in particular suffer from stepping down from big screen to small. Something about a train’s momentum, maybe. The one note I still don’t quite get: the horror of peeping into the vat making the food for the have-nots. The finished product is unappetizing, but surely the production of eatables from insects is a logical and nutritious idea. Obviously, one would also want to have the chicken and sushi at times, but still.