The Friday 6/25/2021

Vin Diesel: F9 (Universal Pictures)

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

F9. “when the characters step outside of plot and talk about their feelings (which they do with surprising regularity), these moments feel like commercials interrupting the flow of a network TV show, little advertisements selling you moronic notions about love and comradeship and, of course, ‘family.'” 

No new episode of “The Music and the Movies,” the radio show I host for Voice of Vashon, but we’ve got two “Encore Presentations” currently up and running: A couple more days to hear a show on Burt Bacharach’s movie career, and another week or so of life for a program about Bernard Herrmann’s work in fantasy films. Check those if you haven’t already. New episode next week.

Three vintage 1980s reviews posted this week at my other website, What a Feeling!: on Michael Hoffman’s Some Girls, a neurotic romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey; John David Coles’ Signs of Life, a low-key Maine tale with Vincent D’Onofrio, Mary-Louise Kelly (her film debut), and Arthur Kennedy; and a twofer review of films from the colonies, Sam Pillsbury’s Starlight Hotel, a Paper Moon-like tale from New Zealand, and the collectively-directed A Winter Tan, a Canadian drama about Maryse Holder, with a brave performance by Jackie Burroughs.

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