Movie Diary 8/24/2021

Whale People: Protectors of the Sea (2018). A 13-minute multi-screen film that surrounds a 3,000-pound whale totem carved by members of the Lummi people, a traveling exhibit that currently sits outside the Vashon Heritage Museum. The film features striking shots of the ocean and of man’s environmental footprint. The killer whale features most prominently, gliding by hugely in a way that gives a whole new meaning to “immersive.” There is also something damned eerie about hearing tribal elders talk about the “blackfish” as the people who live beneath the surface of the water.

Arthur (Steve Gordon, 1981). Periodic re-see of a Horton household fave. One thing to appreciate: how completely “in the mode” Liza Minnelli is here – full of showbiz snap, and in the spirit of 30s-era screwball, but believable as the blue-collar gal that the story needs (or believable at least as far as we suspend disbelief for glamorous people in those kinds of genre parts – think Cher in Moonstruck, too).