Movie Diary 8/30/2021

Gattaca (Andrew Niccol, 1997). As before, a solid movie, based on a fine sci-fi idea, if a little schematic. Curious about what went on with Niccol, whose films Anon and Good Kill were not well distributed (I have seen neither).

Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess, 2004). Still hits the marks.

Serpico (Sidney Lumet, 1973). I was surprised to learn, by searching through the Crop Duster, that I had watched this as recently as ten years ago. Had forgotten that completely, and I’m not sure if that says more about the movie or me. At that time, I said that the movie displays two of Lumet’s best attributes, his feel for NYC locations and for fresh, oddball actors. True enough, although it also displays his tendency to indulge actors so that scenes become very emotional very quickly, in ways that seem to serve the actors a little more than the characters.