The Friday 9/17/2021

Riz Ahmed: Mogul Mowgli (Strand Releasing)

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Mogul Mowgli/Freeland/My Name is Pauli Murray. “Erupts with serio-comic scenes”/”Smokin’ a bone by the roadside”/”An utterly fascinating life.”

I have a new episode this week of my radio show “The Music and the Movies.” This one is called “Experiments in Space,” and in it we explore the way space movies allowed composers to create the music of the spheres, and of the theremin, computers, and other avant garde coolness. Check it here.

There’s also a show about Happy Movie Music, still up for a few more days. Or check the Voice of Vashon M&M page for whatever might be posted at any given time (each show must vanish after two weeks online).

Be there for another round of Scarecrow Academy, where I will be leading an online course called “The Art in Noir: Film Noir and the Director Part 2.” Don’t worry if you missed Part 1 earlier this year. It goes for eight weeks starting October 2, Saturday afternoons at 2 pm, and is free. Look at the lineup and poster here and sign yourself up.

At my other blog, What a Feeling!, I posted three vintage reviews, one by mistake: Georges Lautner’s My Other Husband, a silly French comedy topline by Miou-Miou; Michael Cimino’s The Sicilian, a gangster epic with Christophe Lambert; and (I was sure it was an 80s flick, but I left the post up anyway for this 1991 picture) Ken Kwapis and Marisa Silver’s He Said, She Said.

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